Are your people making your business a success?

At HJA we recognise that businesses face many and varied challenges in today’s tough economy but we know from our experience that a company can only be as successful as the people involved in making it a reality.

Through our expertise and guidance, managers develop the skills they need to maximise their team’s performance enabling them to flourish and the business to achieve greater growth. Our services include:

Management Training – A promotion to ‘management’ does not signify an ability to manage people. Being a good manager and leading people effectively is a skill that HJA help tackle with our ‘Steps for the Developing Manager’ seriesor our popular half-day workshops,delivered on an open or bespoke in-house basis.

Open Learning – Many people prefer open learning with people in similar positions to them as it provides a more empathetic and understanding environment, with other delegates often citing similar examples or offering advice and where all delegates can meet and work through specific areas.

Investors in People – By identifying and communicating business objectives and developing people to meet those objectives, the Investors in People framework improves business performance and competitiveness. HJA is able to support organisations new to the Standard or those already accredited who wish to maintain and improve upon their good practice.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – Have you ever considered that your team may not think the same as you or hold the same values as you? Myers-Briggs is a personality-typing indicator used with senior executives, leaders, managers and teams to help them understand their own profile and how this could be creating conflicts or team ineffectiveness and how positive attributes could be harnessed effectively.

360-Degree Feedback – Through 360-degree feedback individuals are given an unbiased ‘global’ view of how colleagues, and potentially clients, view them and how the individual can develop their skills to become a better leader and manager.

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