A three dimensional appraisal solution

360-degree feedback offers managers an insight into the effectiveness of their performance from not only their manager but also those below and to the side of the individual. These additional insights give a three dimensional view of performance, focusing on more than just results and encompassing leadership ability, delegating skills, working relationships and effectiveness as a manager.

For maximum success HJA recommend that five to ten people offer an insight into an individual’s performance, with the individuals also completing a questionnaire for themselves. The anonymous results are then delivered back to the individual giving them a more accurate and reflective appraisal of their overall performance.

At HJA we appreciate that different organisations have varying levels of budgets and time available for the 360-degree process, however we are so passionate about the process we have developed three different services to deliver the 360-degree process in a way which suits you.

On Demand – Use our ready to go questionnaire is designed to suit the majority of personnel and jobs. Initiate the 360-degree appraisals as you need them and the feedback reports will be produced automatically on completion of the questionnaires. This service is completely confidential and designed by our own fully certified CIPD practitioner.

Enhanced – With all the benefits of the 'On Demand' service however the questionnaires are customisable and relate to specific teams and skill sets within your business. Select from a range of questions to create a bespoke solution that fits the requirements of your people and your business.

Tailored – This service offers our customers a full end-to-end service that includes initial consultation with a fully certified CIPD practitioner. Following the consultation a totally bespoke 360 solution is created and tailored to your exact requirements with unique questionnaire branded to your business. Results are via our practitioner to proper understanding of the results and maximum benefit to your organisation.

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