Appraisal Skills Workshop

A one-day Workshop for managers and team leaders who are required to conduct appraisal interviews

Workshop Aim:

"To equip participants with the skills needed to prepare for and conduct an effective appraisal interview and to learn how to apply these skills with their own team members."


Here’s what you will learn on the Workshop:

 The purpose of appraisals

 The benefits of appraisals – to you, your team members and your organisation;

 Appraisal - how to make the most from them;

 How to plan, prepare and structure an effective appraisal meeting;

 How to open the appraisal meeting to ensure that things get off to a good start;

 The interviewing skills that you need to make the interview a success;

 The four Appraisal interviewing styles – when it is appropriate to use each;

 How to give constructive and meaningful feedback to improve future performance;

 How to agree meaningful, ‘SMART’ performance objectives;

 How to conclude the interview positively;

 How to put it altogether – in a group exercise from which you will receive feedback to help you in the real thing.

Designed for:

This workshop is suitable for all supervisors, managers and team leaders – anyone who has, as part of their role, responsibility for carrying out staff appraisals. This includes those new to appraisals as well as those who would like to refresh their skills.

Workshop style:

This Workshop is highly interactive and will work towards building up a series of skills that can be practised at the end of the workshop. All skills involve practice, and feedback will be encouraged about strengths, and areas to be developed. Video Arts ‘Performance Review’ DVD will be shown during the programme, and questionnaires and exercises will help to develop skills.

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