Introduction to Team Leadership

A one-day Workshop for new Managers and Team Leaders

  • Have you recently been promoted to team leader or manager?
  • Or perhaps you are about to be promoted? Congratulations!
  • Would it help to discover some management techniques so that you can be more effective in your new role? Then our ‘Introduction to Team Leadership’ workshop is for you.

This Workshop will enable managers and team leaders to start developing a range of skills and techniques which, when mastered, can be used to maximise their own performance and that of their team.

Here’s what you will learn on the Workshop:

  • Making the change to being a ‘team leader’ – exploring your role and the competences required;
  • John Adair’s Model – Action Centred Leadership and how it applies to you;
  • Task v People - your preferred leadership style;
  • How to communicate most effectively with the team;
  • Getting the job done – tips for ensuring that you are organised;
  • What motivates people and therefore how you can motivate your team;
  • Getting the best out of people – how to develop and stretch your team;
  • Dealing with performance problems;
  • Situational leadership – applying the right style to the situation;
  • Teamwork – steps to building a successful team;
  • Learning to be an effective leader – questionnaire for your on-going leadership development in the workplace.

This workshop involves completion of a variety of questionnaires for personal discovery, self-analysis and development.

We also recommend a post-course one-to-one coaching session to follow-up your post course leadership development questionnaire.

To Book: contact us or Call: 01235 531341

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