Performance Management

A one-day workshop for managers and team leaders

Managers and team leaders are typically responsible for achieving results through other people. In this workshop, you will discover how to manage the performance of your staff and deal with challenging performance management issues.

Workshop Aim:

“To equip managers and team leaders with the skills, tools and techniques that they need to manage and enhance staff performance as well as deal with poor performance issues; to support as well as challenge.”

This workshop takes a holistic view of performance management considering all aspects ranging from enhancing staff performance to dealing with poor performance issues. Participants will learn the importance of coaching to bring out the best performance in people already performing to a satisfactory level and will have the opportunity to practice these skills. The workshop then considers options for dealing with poorer performance and develops skills and techniques such as giving constructive feedback, using assertiveness skills to increase psychological force and conducting performance management interviews to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Designed for:

This programme has been designed to be applicable to new and existing managers and who wish to learn more about tools and techniques which can be applied in a variety of situations to effectively manage the performance of their team members. The workshop develops a range of skills which can be applied across the spectrum – from enhancing performance which is already satisfactory to nipping poor performance ‘in the bud’.

Workshop style:

The style of the programme is highly interactive and works towards exploring options for each participant on their own performance management issues identified at the outset of the workshop. The workshop involves group exercises, quizzes, case studies and constructive skills practice sessions in small groups. The workshop also features the Video Arts DVD – ‘Performance Matters’.

Here’s what you will learn on the Workshop:

 The key components of performance management – an holistic approach;
 Standards of performance – how to use standards to agree performance expectations with staff against which performance can be monitored;
 How to recognise when people need help or an intervention is needed;
 How to coach people to enhance performance using the GROW model;
 Skill practice using the GROW model;
 Good practice for confronting poor performance – before, during and after a performance capability review meeting;
 How to confront poor performance using structured interviews;
 How to use the seven golden rules of constructive feedback to nip performance problems in the bud;
 How to escalate matters using increasing psychological force;
 When poor performance becomes a discipline matter – the difference between conduct and capability;
 Putting it into practice - poor performance – case studies.

We also recommend a post-course one-to-one coaching session to help you implement the learning from the workshop and/or to help you to deal with any difficulties.

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